Zim Agriculture Minister Invites Soldiers To Work On Farms

Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector which used to be one of the best on the continent has been facing major challenges after President Robert Mugabe’s government violently took over white owned farms in 2000 to resettle landless blacks. The move reduced agriculture production while equipment was dismantled in various farms. Maintanance in most farms remain poor as some farms are now derelict.
Made appealed to the army which boasts of various work expertise, to start sending their engineering experts to help improve infrastructure rehabilitation.
“We have undergone a successful land reform but we still need to work with various partners and the defence forces are an important partner. Agricultural mechanization development is a process that cannot be dealt with in isolation. We cannot afford to sit and not engage the various institutions that include the army,” Made said after addressing soldiers at the Zimbabwe army staff college.
“The exodus of skilled and experienced staff has not spared the agricultural machinery and irrigation sector with most leading public institutions in the sector operating without human resources.Right now we are undertaking a massive irrigation programme and rehabilitating road infrastructure in rural areas particularly in newly resettled areas.The army has qualified engineers with capacity to do construction work rapidly.”