Zim Big Brother Mate Evicted

There was shock when the two Zimbabweans, Maneta and Teclar, were called to the stage to join presenter, IK, whose facial expressions revealed nothing adding to the intrigue.

Their fellow housemates did not seem too gutted about the news and proclaimed “more food for us”.

Maneta simply made a dramatic beeline for the eviction doors, telling Julio not to touch her, as he reached for a hug. The Zimbabwean Housemate obviously had no inkling she was about to upgrade to posh Upville to join urban groover, Roki and becoming the 8th housemate. Roki has acquitted himself well in the house in the first week.

When her older sister, Teclar was notified of the end of the road, she held back tears. Teclar received a lot of flak last week for saying she wanted her breast enlarged. In a largely conservative Zimbabwean society, Teclar was seen to have stepped out of line and her eviction was celebrated on social networking site, Facebook shortly after the announcement of her exit from the house.

One said that she had missed the opportunity to get the money and enlarge her breasts as per her desire.

Nyasha Tasha Chimanikire wrote: “Welcome home dear I have cooked your favourite meal princess of Zamunda.”

Brian Gabriele Musabayane said:  “I am proudly Zimbabwean but when it comes to Teclar come home dear we waiting for you.”

Julio and the bubbly Hilda from Tanzania were also called to the stage and sent on the next plane home.

Last year, Wendall jointly won the grand prize alongside Karen from Nigeria.