Zim Big Brother Rep Wants To Spend Cash On Boobs

Face Book fan, Diana Mai Zoe said it showed weakness of character.

Another fan, Desmond, added that it was sad that she would use her boobs as a strategy to win.

Tecla, who sources say does not drink, was acting crazy after downing some glasses of wine.

Elizebeth Moyo, however, defended her: “People spoke like this about Wendall and Vimbai last season but the two fared well. You cannot and will never be able to judge how Africa votes. We do not need to be negative to our own talent. It is a Zimbabwean problem.

There are 35 housemates drawn from 14 African countries. Teclar (31) and Maneta Mazanhi (21) from Bulawayo were told by host IK that the random nomination machine had selected them for possible eviction.

According to Big Brother, an eviction machine will be used to nominate housemates for possible eviction unlike previous editions where the housemates would nominate each other.

Another twist this year is the inclusion of celebrities who will be staying in a five-star house named the Upperville. The other housemates who entered the house in pairs will be residing in a house named Downville.

Seven celebrities are residing in Upperville, while 28 are in Downville. For now housemates in Upperville will be enjoying life with no eviction till Big Brother announces when they will start being nominated.

This year’s show will run for 91 days and the finale will be held on August 5.