Zim Business People Invited For Dubai Comesa Investment Forum

According to Zimtrade, this year’s event is unique and differs from previous forums because of its collaboration with Dubai-the leading capital of business in the Middle East. Dubai has established itself as the city of possibility where quality and exceptional leadership have collectively driven the unimaginable growth of this city over a short span of history.

It therefore presents itself as a role model for COMESA to turn opportunities into profitable business ventures.
Dubai aims at reaching out to new emerging markets in the African continent and COMESA.

The 4th COMESA Investment Forum aims at highlighting opportunities in the region and promoting collaboration
between COMESA’s Member States, Africa, the Middle East and the world at large. The two day forum from March 23 to 24, aims to generate a large array of new business opportunities.

The forum will cover key sectors viable to both Dubai and COMESA including; trade, manufacturing, logistics,
infrastructure, financial services, agriculture and agro processing. The forum will promote dialogue between
investors, business leaders, and senior policy makers.

Business people will also have a platform to network, engage one on one and hear first hand case studies from experts specializing in the identified sectors. This creates the necessary framework and drive for investment opportunities and growth in COMESA and Africa as a whole.

COMESA Regional Investment Agency (RIA), the investment promotion arm of COMESA, aims at driving
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Africa’s largest economic block comprising of its 19 countries, with a total
population of over 430million and a combined GDP of over USD 447Billion.

COMESA successfully launched its Customs Union in 2009, and is currently working on regional integration and continues to support better investment conditions and ensuring that member countries become increasingly internationally competitive.