Zim Census Registration Stopped To Weed Out Soldiers

Acting Finance Minister Gorden Moyo told a press conference that soldiers, police officers and members of the central intelligence organisation (CIO) had no role to play in the fourth census since 1982.

“Throughout this trajectory we have had the ministry of education through their teachers taking the lead and other various departments of government  participating and we shall not deviate from that culture because the results that has come out of the population census over the years have had the credibility and international integrity,” said Moyo while answering questions from journalists.

Moyo said the soldiers’ role will be limited to providing security.

“The security personnel have always had a role in counting themselves, they have always done that in 2002, 1992 and backwards and they will continue to do so,” he added.

The 2012 national census will be launched by President Robert Mugabe in Harare on August 15.