Zim Chief Causes Drama For Being Summoned To Court

The summons were advising the chief to attend court to answer charges of alleged crimes he committed during the bloody 2008 June presidential run-off campaigns.

Chief Mabika is currently staying at Chevron hotel as he is participating in the Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) outreach programme.

Eye witnesses including staff at the hotel, told RadioVOP that business came to halt as all eyes were on the furious chief.

“He (Chief Mabika) was running up and down, shouting at almost everyone. He said court officials will see the kind of stuff he is made of. He was claiming that anyone who came up with the idea of dragging him to court shall forever regret.

“People including our clients were very worried about their security because no one could predict the Chief’s next move. He spent nearly 30 minutes mumbling and shouting before some of his collegues persuaded him to go back to his room,” said one of the workers.

Mabika shouted at a reporter who had wanted to seek a comment from him.

“Why do you want to be involved in matters which do not concern you? Who are you to seek my opinion, I am a Chief not those boys you are used to phone,” said Mabika before hanging up the phone.

However, Mabika who should appear in Masvingo Magistrate Court is accused of having sent people to take cattle from Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) supporters during 2008 presidential campaigns.

It is alleged that on 10 June in 2008, Mabika sent Zvokuona Village head to go and collect a cow from MDC-T ward one councillor Aurther Kunaka.

Kunaka mobilised other villagers in Bikita to sue Chief Mabika for the alleged crimes he committed.

“We are not going to fold our hands and rest when our cattle and goats were eaten. We know the culprits and Mabika is one of them hence he must go to court,” said Kunaka.

The villagers are not being represented by any law firm.

Some political analysts say the move to sue Chief Mabika was a clear indication that the National Healing Organ has a long way to go.