Zim Child Abuse On The Rise

In an exclusive interview Miller said 801 788 cases of child abuse had been reported from November 1999 to December 2010.

“The cases were mainly sexual abuse in nature closely followed by physical abuse,” she said. “They were followed by cases of children being abused because of their family relationships. Some were suicide cases.”

She said in December 1999 only 12 991 cases of child abuse had been reported to Childline which had, however, shot up to 245 744 in December, 2010.

“The cases seem to be on the increase mainly because children now access to cell phones and they can thus phone us with anonymous names,” Millers said.

“In December, 2009, 116 397 cases had been reported which was up from the 50 713 cases reported in December 2008.

Chid line helps children who have been sexually abused either by their parents or even friends.

“The cases are up in Zimbabwe,” Miller said. “This is very worrying indeed.”