Zim Civil Servants Receive Increments Despite Biti’s Continued Denials

Zimbabwe Teachers Association Chief Executive Officer Sifiso Ndlovu told RadioVop Friday that the increase was already reflecting in the government workers’ bank accounts.

“From an administrative point of view, we can confirm that the rest of our public service workers will receive their improved remuneration,” said Ndlovu.
“If it is going to be delayed, it may be a day or so because of thetechnicalities that led to the instructions being given to theadministrative arms of the salary services bureau but definitely that the money would be paid its quite clear. And that agreement has been done and official instructions have been given from treasury to the relevant services bureau.”
The disbursement of monies by government ends weeks of speculation on whether the finance minister was going to award the increase. Biti has had public clashes with the Zanu (PF) wing of the inclusive government, after he continuously insisted government coffers were still too constrained to allow the additional expense.
The minister’s office has, on more than two occasions in the past month, been besieged by angry Zanu PF supporters who were demanding a salary increase for government workers, failure to which he should resign.
Only last week, Biti was still adamant there would be no increased remuneration for civil servants, insisting there was no money. Biti argued that the review will increase the monthly civil service wage bill by US$29 million to around US$104 million against a monthly average of US$75 million from January to June.