Zim Clergy Applauded For Bringing Political Rivals To Round Table

Zimbabwe’s clergy appear ready to drum sense into the heads of the country’s political protagonists in desperate attempts to find a lasting solution to the country’s nagging political and economic crisis.

Bishop Sebastian Bakare, the convener of the National Convergence Platform, has intimated that a broad-based national indaba will soon be held in order to discuss and hopefully, find solutions to the myriad of problems that continue to bedevil Zimbabwe since the controversial re-election of President Robert Mugabe and his administration nearly two years ago.

While Zanu PF is riddled with internecine factional fights, the economic is burning with companies putting workers on half pay or notice.

The opposition should be ashamed that it has taken the clergy to set the ball rolling in a bid to end the crisis, particularly the free-falling economy.

As expected the MDC-T has been quick to jump on the Bakare initiative, insisting it has all along been its idea to convene a national indaba of all stakeholders, including Zanu PF to save the country from a complete economic collapse.

Obert Gutu, spokesman for the MDC-T, says his party has always advocated for an inclusive and holistic approach to tackling various challenges that are plaguing our country.

“Indeed, it has always been our approach that no single Zimbabwean or single organisation has a monopoly of wisdom that would be able to provide lasting solutions to the national crises in Zimbabwe,” Gutu said.

“Bishop Bakare should be applauded for boldly calling upon all concerned citizens of Zimbabwe to put their heads together in an endeavour to rescue our beloved country from the socioeconomic and political hell-hole it finds itself in, thanks to decades of Zanu PF corruption, misrule and misgovernment.

“We enthusiastically welcome and accept the invitation to participate in this groundbreaking national indaba. In similar measure, we also expect all well-meaning and patriotic Zimbabweans to take an active interest in the deliberations of the proposed national indaba.”

The Bakare initiative is noble. The country needs a way to move forward because politicians appear clueless on how they could move the country forward with unity of purpose.

But the initiative should not be sabotaged or abused by political parties though for their own sectorial interests.

There are fears Zanu PF might not participate in this initiative because it will be an indictment on their own leadership failure.

Under normal political circumstances, Zanu PF should see such events as citizen consultative processes rather than politically-motivated events.


Southern Eye Editorial