Zim Deadline Won't Be Extended

“We will not shift the December deadline. People must make use of this opportunity because there will be no extensions,” he said in Durban.

He visited the home affairs regional office to assess the implementation of the amnesty for Zimbabweans with fraudulent documents.

There were concerns that the process of documenting Zimbabweans in Johannesburg was going at a snails pace, with some people being forced to sleep in queues.

Gigaba said his department would beef up their staff compliment to speed up the process.

“Maybe next week we will bring more people here [Durban] to help so that people will not wait too long before they are helped,” said Gigaba.

The process of documenting Zimbabweans kicked off on September 20.

Gigaba said 1100 permits had been adjudicated and awarded since Tuesday.

“We received 6000 applications since the start of the process and 1100 permits have been adjudicated and awarded. Only eight were rejected. We have also received 208 amnesty applications,” he said.

Gigaba said according to studies there were 1.5 million Zimbabweans living in South Africa.