Zim Divorce Cases Reach Alarming Levels

The High Court in Harare and Bulawayo has handled over 4500 divorce cases in the last 30 months, while 1600 marriages have been terminated over the same period.

The divorce statistics only include marriages under the Marriage Act section 5:11 and does not take into account cases under the Customary Marriages Act.

On Thursday last week, the High Court in Harare handled 36 divorce cases and terminated 22.

On Wednesday this week, the same court will preside over 29 divorce cases.

The statistics only show that he marriage bliss is failing to last the lifetime promises, while marital vows are no longer as sacred as was the case in the past.

In 2013 alone, the High Court in Harare handled 1270 divorce applications and 550 decrees of divorce were granted.

At the High Court in Bulawayo during the same year, almost 500 cases were handled and the court granted 130 decrees of divorce.

The combined total of marriages terminated was 660.

Last year in Harare, the court presided over 1285 divorce applications out of which 450 marriages were terminated.

This year up to the 16th of July, out of 820 applications before the High Court in Harare, 130 decrees of divorce have so far been granted, while 44 decrees of divorce out of the 280 applications were granted in Bulawayo.

If the trend witnessed so far this year continues, around 1800 divorce applications will have been handled by the end of the year, indicating that the ’till death do us part,’ has become ’till circumstances determine.’