‘Zim elections dividing people’ says MURRA chairperson

By Anymore Magawa

MASVINGO United Residents and Ratepayers Association (MURRA) board chairperson Thomas Mbetu has said the country’s winner-takes-all electoral system was retrogressive, calling for a new system that accommodates election losers.

Speaking during an inter-generational dialogue meeting organised by Youth Forum and TellZim News at Charles Austin Theatre recently, Mbetu said the current system was serving no purpose except dividing people and stunting development.

“We should change the electoral system because it is dividing people. The winner-takes-all-system means that the winner will have control over everything and will ignore those who lost regardless of their numbers.

“This creates polarisation as the losers will resort to opposing for the sake of it due to the feeling of alienation. This means the people will remain divided and bitterly opposed,” said Mbetu.

He said it was critical that those who lose elections are not shunted out of the system as they might have something positive to contribute.

Zanu PF Ward 10 councillor, Sengerai Manyanga claimed his party valued political dialogue, saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa had acknowledged that by creating a platform of engagement with those who lost the 2018 presidential poll.

“We should have dialogue all the time despite our political differences. This is the reason why President Emmerson Mnangagwa called for dialogue with losing presidential candidates,” said Manyanga.

He praised the dialogue meeting for creating a chance for people to interface, saying as a councillor, he was eager to take advantage of such arrangements to report back to the people.

“As long as I am in council, I will fight hard to expose corruption. We recently exposed another corruption scandal and I want to thank TellZim News for the work they are doing in exposing corruption,” said Manyanga

He was referring to recent news stories on how council management failed to surface a short strip of road despite having received over US$40 000 payment for the road from Nyaradzo Funeral Services company over three years ago.


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