Zim Electoral Commission Under-funded Becaause Of Sanctions – Chinamasa

Chinamasa was speaking in Harare at the launch of ZEC’s strategic five year plan at a local hotel. He said the country is battling to fund ZEC operations due to economic sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU), the United States and their allies.
Chinamasa said commissioners who have not been receiving their salaries should expect them now after President Robert Mugabe approved their conditions of service.
“We are all aware that the country remains under sanctions and is struggling to recover from the effects of these illegal economic sanctions. I therefore would urge the commission to bear with the government on the aspect of timely delivery of resources. I think ZEC’s immediate needs will be met sooner rather than later,” Chinamasa said.
“Finally the condition of service has been approved by the President and details will be send to you in the formal way.”
ZEC also launched a new website that is meant to update voters and ordinary people on its activities as well as to use the website to issue results during elections time.
New ZEC commissioners were appointed last year which saw political parties playing a role in the appointment of the commissioners. The new commissioners were appointed as part of the constitutional amendment number 19 electoral reforms.
Although new commissioners were appointed to steer ZEC, Prime Minister morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC party has complained that the secretariat of the electoral body is staffed by intelligence operatives who are loyal and support Mugabe.
The MDC has complained that the voters roll is still in shambles at a time when the country may go for elections, the party has also blasted ZEC when the electoral body delayed issuing results by weeks in 2008.