Zim Employees Suffer From Job Insecurity- Report

According to an Employee Confidence Survey (ECS) by the Industrial Psychology Consultants (IPC), employees in the country also do not feel confident about their future with current employers.

“Zimbabwe has attained relative macro-economic stability. However many factors, amongst them a murky-political outlook, still threaten the sustainability of these positive economic gains in the short-medium term.

“Insecurity is therefore high in Zimbabwe. Employees job insecurity is lowest among non managerial employees,” Memory Nguwi, the managing consultant for IPC said in the report.

Nguwi added that the liquidity crisis faced by companies resulting in most of them closing shop has also contributed to the high job insecurity levels in the country.

“Most companies are retrenching their workers and some employers and some employers are failing to remunerate their employees with some going for up to eight months with no salary. Employees therefore remain sceptical about whether their prospects as employees are improving or not,” she added in the report.

The ECS is conducted to gauge employee confidence in the economic environment prevailing at any given time during the course of the year.

Employees are asked questions related to their employment and the general economic climate.

A number of companies are still trying to recapitalise their operations which were knocked to their knees owing to the world record breaking hyper-inflationary environment prior to the formation of the inclusive government.