Zim Filmmakers Urged To Form Alliances For Industry Growth

Zimbabwean film-makers have been urged to form alliances to grow the industry.

Despite the successes that Zimbabwe scored through films such as internationally acclaimed Yellow Card and More Time, the country’s film industry’s growth has been heavily affected by lack of funding.

Speaking on the sidelines of the on-going International Images Film Festival for Women that is being held in Harare, Cameroonian-born British-based producer, Veronique Doumbe said Zimbabweans must form alliances in order to produce films in the absence of funding.

“Zimbabwean filmmakers must utilise the various skills that they have and form alliances as many international films which have received critical acclaim were made with very small budgets,” said Doumbe.

The emergence of new technologies has also made it possible to make low budget films.

In South Africa, through a programme by the world film collective, short films for a national broadcaster were shot on Nokia Lumia phones, making it the first series captured entirely on mobile phones to be broadcast on South African national television.