Zim Foreign Companies To Be Forced To Reveal Stance On Sanctions

The minister said the shares will be sold and used to fight sanctions on Zimbabwe to go.

Mnangawa who was speaking at a victory celebration for Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament in Chiwundura, Kizito Chivamba at the weekend, said his party was investigating foreign owned companies in support of sanctions.

“We are in the process of rounding up CEOs of all foreign companies operating here and we will ask them if they support sanctions or not,” he said. “Those who will indicate that they do not support the sanctions will be asked
to go live on national radio and tell the country and the rest of the world that their company does not support sanctions. Those who will indicate that they support sanctions will leave us with no option but to put punitive measures against them. One of the options available is to take over 90 percent of their shares and use them to generate money that will be used to finance the fight against sanctions,” said Mnangagwa who is widely known as crocodile “ngwena” in Zanu (PF) circles.

There are over 500 foreign companies operating in the country. The exercise has already started in the lowveld and Bulawayo where Zanu (PF) officials have visited some foreign owed companies.

“Zanu (PF) officials visited my company last week and left a questionnaire which they said I should fill and submit to the Zanu (PF) provincial headquarters before the 29th of January 2011,” said a CEO of a Bulawayo based foreign company who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

Zanu (PF) has accused Britain, America and their allies of imposing economic sanctions against Zimbabwe. However the two countries have denied the charges insisting that only personal restrictions were imposed on individuals in Zanu (PF) who were responsible for funning and aiding violence against opposition supporters during the past elections.