Zim Gay Actor Is Engaged

Malaba who is now based in South Africa is now a radio personality and staunch advocate for gay rights in that country.

He openly expresses his love for Lee with a bombardment of poems and sweet words and by the look of things his engagement has full support of his Face book friends.

Last year Malaba told the Zimbabwean press on being asked how his life has been after he opened up on his homosexuality: “My life has been changed around for the better and I get inbox messages from young and old alike saying they respect my standing and who I am. I get young Zimbabweans, South Africans and on occasion Tanzanians and Kenyans asking for advice.

“On one occasion I got a message from a Zimbabwean man who has been married out of fear of being persecuted by family and friends for his sexual orientation.”

He talks about his profile picture which shows him kissing his partner Lee and about their marriage plans.

Frank is candid: “(On the kissing) Funny enough, I have had no hostile messages. We have always been out. That picture has been there for over a year. Lee and I are in it for the long haul.”

On marriage: “I don’t see why not. As for the invite to the wedding and when, you will know . . . It won’t be a secret.”