Zim Gay Association Worker Acquitted

Chademana had been on trial since September after she was accused of possessing prohibited pornographic material.

Magistrate Don Ndirowei, who presided over Chademana’s trial, acquitted the GALZ employee after ruling that State prosecutors had failed to prove a case against the GALZ receptionist.

Ndirowei said the State had failed to prove that Chademana was in actual possession of pornographic pictures which prosecutors alleged were in her custody.

Chademana was arrested by police in May together with Ignatius Mhambi when armed police raided the GALZ offices and allegedly confiscated pornographic material from the gays and lesbians campaigners’ offices.

Mhambi, who was also charged with possession of pornographic material at the same time with Chademana and was subjected to torture by the police during his detention at Harare Central Police Station was acquitted by a different magistrate in July. The magistrate also ruled that the state had failed to prove a prima facie case against the GALZ employee.