“Zim has no means to confront Mugabeism”

By Raphael Khumalo
Our tragedy as a nation is that we all want change but without doing anything . When Bob ( Robert Mugabe) ruled the land, we prayed for God’s intervention and when it came, we have no means to confront his legacy-Mugabeism.
Events of the last few days following Mugabe’s death remind me of  grieving mothers of Argentina and Chile who lost countless numbers of their sons to  the Generals in Argentina and Gen. Pinochet of Chile. They did find peace as good triumphed over evil. The generals were eventually arrested and tried.  Pinochet died a  hunted man with nowhere to hide!
To maintain his rule Prime minister Leaboa Jonathan of Lesotho created death squads  from the army  which people referred to as Koiyoko. They killed his perceived enemies at will, people disappeared.  Among them was the editor of a popular newspaper who disappeared and was later found killed.
As we say in Ndebele when lightning strikes it leaves behind eggs which will hatch then strike the following season.
 In spite of removing Leaboa Jonathan in a coup, Lesotho has never known peace.  That’s the tragedy we face today and generations to come in Zimbabwe-how to deal with Mugabeism. Some think it’s a phenomenon limited to the ruling party Zanu (PF).
Sadly it is not!
Right now the prediction that Mugabe would rule from his grave is almost becoming a reality if controversies pertaining to his burial and government’s relenting are anything to go by.
Raphael Khumalo is a Zimbabwean publisher and a member of diffrent media organisations.He writes in his personal capacity.