Zim High Court Judge President Relegated To Deal With Trivia

By Professor Matodzi

Harare, April 22, 2014 – High Court Judge President Justice George

Chiweshe has been relegated to resolving disputes between judges over

parking space, it has emerged.

Radio VOP understands that frequent clashes between the judicial

officers over parking slots for vehicles at the High Court located

along Samora Machel has prompted Chiweshe to intervene by issuing a

memorandum apportioning parking bays to the judges.

In his memo, which Radio VOP is in possession of, Chiweshe had to

issue a list indicating the provisional allocation of parking bays for

the judges.

The High Court Judge President advised the judges with objections to

the provisional allocation of parking slots to raise them with him

“failing which the allocations shall be deemed final.”

Besides judges, Chiweshe also allocated parking bays for the Judicial

Service Commission (JSC) personnel, the Registrar of the High Court,

the Master, the Sheriff and five assessors.

This is not the first time that Chiweshe has had to intervene and call

judges to order.

In 2011, Chiweshe read the riot act to judges over scruffy dressing

and playing truant. But in response to Chiweshe’s rebuke, the judges

demanded to be supplied with suits to improve their shabby dressing.

The judges implored their employer, the JSC to supply them with three

suits, five shirts or five blouses and three pairs of shoes per year.

The judges said the provision of clothing to the country’s High Court

judges would cost a total of $27 560 per annum at an individual cost

of $1 060.