Zim Industry Urges Calm As Govt-Citizens Stand Off Persists

By Dumisani Nyoni

Bulawayo, September 07, 2016 – ZIMBABWE’S biggest business lobby group, the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) has called on Zimbabweans to maintain peace and tranquillity in the wake of anti-government protests some of which have turned violent.

One of Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s Choppies supermarkets and some smaller shops owned by private individuals were looted by protesters in Harare last month, sending panic within the business community.

In a statement on Wednesday, CZI president Busisa Moyo called for dialogue between government and those unhappy with the current economic situation.

He warned the current situation had short and long term adverse effects on the nation and its economic prospects.

“Maintaining peace and tranquillity will allow the country to find lasting social and economic solutions, and therefore bring social stability and allow the country to focus on re-building and kick-starting the economy in a conducive and enhancing atmosphere,” Moyo said.

He said in spite of all the challenges that the nation has gone through, a key intangible asset that has paid immense dividends was peace.

“It is on the bedrock of this key asset that we can leverage on to turn this country into one of the world’s best socially stable economies,” he said.

Moyo said the continual erosion of this “peace asset” was undesirable as this has the potential to accelerate economic collapse and escalate social tension.

“CZI believes that inclusive, constructive, open and frank dialogue is a key element to alleviate current strife and to preserve the asset of peace,” he said.