Zim Journalist Faces Arrest Over Leaked Docs

A police officer at Harare Central Police station said the docket had been taken by their superiors for further investigation.

Matshazi, employed by The Standard, was called at midday to appear at Harare Central Police Station but on arrival, he was informed that the investigating officer had been ordered to forward the docket to more senior police officers.

It was not immediately clear what the journalist would be charged with, though they were indications that he could charged with theft.

Matshazi was called by the police following the publication of a story that indicated that Kereke’s Green Card, a medical aid company was facing viability problems, based on leaked documents.

Kereke claims that the leaked documents were stolen from his offices.

Kereke made a report to the police, who said they were keen to interview Matshazi and The Standard’s editor Nevanji Madanhire.

Kereke is seen as a powerful person and this might be the reason why senior police officials demanded to have a look at the docket.

He has also demanded $2.5 million dollars from The Standard for defamation of character, while at the same time he pursues a parallel criminal case over the alleged stolen documents.