Zim Journalists Kick Out From Parliament Thwarted

Photographers and video graphers who had gathered in the House of Assembly chamber for the inaugural Prime Minister’s monthly parliamentary updates were briefly evicted by the Sergeant-At-Arms as Tsvangirai began his statement.
The journalists initially objected to go out after being ordered to move out by the Sergeant at arms but were escorted out nonetheless.
The eviction of the journalists did not go down well with MDC chief whip Gonese and Minister of Constitutional Affairs Eric Matinenga who ordered that the journalists be allowed to cover the PM’s speech as they were all accredited to cover parliamentary business.
“We were evicted for about five minutes after the Sergeant at Arms told us that we must get permission from the Public Relations department although we had our accreditation. It had to take MP Gonese who intervened for us to be allowed to cover the Prime Minister’s monthly statement to parliament, “one journalist who was briefly evicted from parliament told Radio VOP.
State controlled media that include The Herald and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) were the only media houses that were being allowed access to take pictures or videos in the parliamentary chamber over the years while independent media was denied in unwritten laws that were being implemented by parliamentary officials.