Zim Journos Face Bleak Christmas

Information obtained by Radio VOP show that journalists at Alpha Media Holdings (AMH), the publishers of three newspapers including a local daily newspaper NewsDay, will endure a “dry” Christmas holiday after their employer failed to remunerate them before the festive season.

Workers at the Trevor Ncube owned media stable were advised that they will only be paid their December salaries on 28 December, three days after Christmas holiday.

The journalists and other support staff working at The Zimbabwe Independent, The Standard and NewsDay will also only get 25 percent of their salaries as bonus payment which they will only access on 28 December.

Meanwhile, journalists at The Financial Gazette, which is owned by central bank Governor Gideon Gono only got paid 50 percent of their bonus payments in December and were promised that the other half will be paid in installments.

 Management at the weekly newspaper told workers that they will receive 25 percent of their bonus payments in January and the other 25 percent in February.

However, it was a different story at the Daily News, where journalists were paid their salaries and bonuses on time.

Zimbabwean journalists are among some of the poorly paid workers in the troubled southern African country where most workers earn less than $500 per month.

Most civil servants earn about $300 per month while journalists on average earn about $500 per month.