Zim Judiciary Extremely Polarised: Crisis Coalition

“The way in which the magistrate handled the Zimbabwe 6 case demonstrated beyond doubt that he was getting cue from political bigwigs and to us who followed proceedings closely it was evident that he was under heavy pressure and influence from Zanu PF”, said Dewa referring to Munyaradzi Gwisai and his co-accused story.

Mavhinga addressing a press conference Friday in Johannesburg added that “Zimbabwe is not yet ready for holding of free and fair elections as the environment is still skewed in Zanu PF’s favour”.

The umbrella body said it was alarmed by the level of political deterioration and upsurge in human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Addressing the same meeting the deputy director for International Commission of Jurists Martin Masiga said his organisation was worried by the way former Member of Parliament Munyaradzi Gwisai and five other activists were treated while in police custody.

“We are concerned about human rights situation in Zimbabwe. We are concerned about the treatment of Zimbabwe 6, they indicated that they were tortured but no steps have been taken to investigate”, added Masiga.

Tiseke Kasambala senior researcher with Human Rights Watch said during her recent visit to Zimbabwe she had seen how Zanu PF had resuscitated violence machinery.

“The environment is not conducive for elections, fear has once again gripped the nation and use of food as a political tool at a time the country is facing an acute drought is evident in places like Masvingo were its governor barred some humanitarian organisations from distributing food to the needy regardless of party affiliation”, said Kasambala.

Mavhinga called on Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) to once again free political operating space, ensure restoration of rule of law and help ensure that an independent electoral commission is established as to ensure that the next round of polls is not disputed.