Zim Leaders Meet Ahead Of Unity Govt Expiry

The GPA brought about the new unity government which was put in place in February 2009. However, it has not been fully implemented due to disagreements mainly between Mugabe and Tsvangirai over appointments of governors and ambassadors among other issues.

Meanwhile there have been wide spread demonstrations in Harare by rowdy Zanu (PF) youths in the city centre. The youths, many of them who were visibly intoxicated” came mainly from the populous Mbare High Density suburb.

“We are meeting later today to discuss the security situation in Zimbabwe,” said Deputy Prime Minister Mutambara.”We will also discuss the GPA since it is expected to expire today (Friday). We will have to renew it.”

He said international investors were worried that property rights in Zimbabwe were not being adhered to or respected.

Many commercial farms have been grabed from white commercial farms and distributed to black farmers mainly from the former ruling party, Zanu (PF).

This week the Minister of Indigenisation and Employment Creation, Saviour Kasukuwere, threatened that the government of President Mugabe would also grab firms belonging to whites if they continued to destroy the economy or engage in illegal deals.

He said the new Indigenisation Act would deal with the white culprits.

Mutambara said it was very important that property rights be respected by Zimbabwe in order for it to receive support and financial aid at a time whe when the economy is on its knees.

“We must negotiate better deals with our partners,” Mutambara said at a discussion about investing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). “We must just not send rough diamonds to foreign nations but we must sell them jewellery made here in Zimbabwe.”

He said it was unfortunate that the Chinese were taking over many Zimbabwean firms but said they were simply helping out.

“This is the reason why we are meeting today to discuss how we can increase our investment levels because the situatiion is just not good enough right now and I am the first person to admit it,” he told the investors.

Mutambara left the discussion early in order to attend to the “important” meeting with the two other principals, Mugabe and Tsvangirai.

“There might be some passengers too who will be joining us in the discussion,” Mutambara jokingly said, referring to his new boss, Professor Welshman Ncube, now MDC President. Ncube was also expected to attend the meeting on security at Cabinet Offices.

“I have been couped as you know.”