Zim Magistrates Issue 14 Day Ultimatum

The resolution passed by the Magistrates Association of Zimbabwe during a crisis meeting at the weekend gives government up to March 07 to act or face the risk of a strike.

Harare magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi, who is secretary general of the magistrates association said: “I do not want to call it an ultimatum as such. It’s just a request that they look into our grievances then our members would decide what course of action to take.”

They association is requesting monthly salaries of US$600 for trainee magistrates, US$1000 for junior magistrates, US$1500 for senior magistrates, US$1700 for provincial magistrates and US$2000 for senior provincial magistrates. They also want a monthly US$2 500 for regional magistrates, US$3000 for senior regional magistrates and deputy chief magistrates and US$3300 for a chief magistrate.

Sources accused Finance Minister Tendai Biti of blocking the approval of the salary hikes despite that the Acting Secretary for Judicial Services Commission (JSC) Rita Makarau has written to him over the issue several times.

“There was a strong feeling Biti was blocking our salary increase despite having been approved by our employer within the budget allocated to the commission. People are so agitated by this. They actually wanted to go on strike on Monday but felt that we should give our employer 14 days to rectify this as is directed by labour laws,”
said a source.