Zim Media Commission Says Newspapers Prices Exorbitant

ZMC chairperson, Godfrey Majonga in a statement said the exorbitant charges were a barrier to access to information. Majonga cited the state owned Herald which is sold for one US dollar and two weeklies, the Zimbabwe Independent and the Financial Gazette which are sold for two US dollars.

“The two-dollar price which readers pay per copy of the Zimbabwe Independent or the Financial Gazette is not a normal price for a weekly paper,” Majonga said in a statement. “The one-dollar which readers pay per copy of the daily Herald newspaper is not a normal price. In the country where this currency is issued, two dollars can pay subscription for a national newspaper for a whole week.”

“One dollar can pay for several copies of national daily. What subscribers pay here for a quarter is enough in the US to pay for two years,” Majonga said.

The ZMC recently increased accreditation fees for foreign media which operate in the country by over 300 percent.