Zim Media Environment Hostile: IFJHR

The International Federation of Journalists for Human Rights (IFJHR) made the remarks.

In a report released on Friday by the IFHR entitled Steadfast in Protest – Annual Report 2011 Zimbabwe, the human rights’ organisation said the privately owned media remains gagged and its journalists exposed to severe acts of reprisal.

IFHR added that the state has not repealed repressive laws governing the media that have been used to harass journalists and media houses.

“Journalists and human rights defenders were intimidated and arrested as part of an increased harassment campaign,” the report said.

The report also said lack of justice for past abuses remains a serious concern.

“Authorities have failed to discipline, remove from their posts or charge with criminal offences leaders of the security forces who were involved in human rights violations, abducting and torturing human rights activists,” reads in part the report.

The report also added that political violence, lack of respect for the rule of law and human rights violations remained a serious concern in Zimbabwe and defenders of sexual minorities continue to be targets of repression.