Zim Media Laws A Concern: AU Rapportuer

Tlakula told Radio VOP in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of the inaugural Carlos Cardoso Memorial lecture at the University of Witwaterstrand in Johannesburg that Zimbabwe should repeal the laws such as Access to Information and protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) and Public and Order Security Act (POSA) which continue to impede media work.

“The new constitution will not solve all the problems. Even after the new constitution is put in place, you will still have to deal with all laws that impede expression like AIPPA, POSA and all the other laws that are not in conformity with regional and international instruments that Zimbabwe has ratified,” Tlakula who also works as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa said.

“Those laws remain a source of concern for us but we are hoping with the adoption of the new constitution, the constitutionality of these laws will be revisited.”

In addition she said, in the meantime journalists in Zimbabwe should fight for the repeal of these laws and if they are not repealed they will have to take the fight to the courts.

Asked what she thinks about the recent move by South African president, Jacob Zuma to withdraw a lawsuit against popular cartoonist Jonathan Zapiro, she said, “I am very happy about it, it’s a victory for media freedom in South Africa.”

Zuma had been suing Zapiro following one of his cartoons which showed him preparing to rape a woman who represented the justice system in South Africa with the help of his government and political party members.