Zim Minister Orders Zanu (PF) Youth To Invade Sugar Farms

“These companies think we are still in Rhodesia. They think we owe them something. We spared them fearing sugar shortages and hoping they will reform, but we here they are denying the youths farming land,” Kasukuwere told a meeting of indigenisation stakeholders and Zanu (PF) youths held at the Masvingo Polytechnic College here.

“This time, they are no sacred cows, if they again deny you access to the lucrative sugar industry, go and invade them, invade their plots and offices. We should have taken more sugar production land in 2000.

“The journey has begun, and there is no turning back. Our resources make sense if they are in our hands. We cannot be strangers at our own wedding. Kick them out. It is better for one black person, his wife and relatives to benefit, not one white individual,” Kasukuwere said, much to the applause of the youths, most of who were bussed from rural areas.”

He added; “Triangle and Hippo Valley’s arrogance is a cause of concern. We had to write to them after they ignored our indigenisation requests. We are going to deal with them this time around.”

But Triangle Limited chief executive officer Loyd Mutsambiwa, when called for a comment, refuted allegations that they are denying local access to farming land.

Mutsambiwa refused to comment further, citing politics in the issue.

The order by Kasukuwere comes barely a month after President Robert Mugabe threatened the conglomerates over the same dispute. He had warned the conglomerates he would send Rural Resettlement Minister Herbert Murerwa and Masvingo Governor Titus Maluleke to deal with them if the land dispute was not resolved. Mugabe has also warned to take over foreign-owned firms if sanctions against Zimbabwe remained in place.

Meanwhile in Karoi Zanu (PF) youths blocked and hijacked a funeral for a party member on Wednesday causing commotion in this farming town.  

The funeral procession of Aaron Tsongora lasted three hours when drunk youths carried the deceased body from the home in Chikangwe suburb where mourners were gathered to the beer hall where he was struck with a brick on Christmas eve. The youths who were wearing party regalia carried the coffin, toyi-toying bringing business to a halt before taking it to the cemetery.

“The party youth hijacked this funeral because as a family we are against  politicisation of death,” said a family member.

Tsongora, aged 31 was part of a ‘terror gang’ here involved in looting and violence. Last December he was among five youths in Karoi accused of selling party cards at an inflated price of US$13 instead of just a dollar. The case was never reported to police.