Zim Ministers Warned Against Discord

Government has been reminded of the dangers of policy contradictions and discord on major economic policies.

An acceptable way of handling the country’s debt is crucial to the kick-starting of the country’s economic revival as outlined in the 10 point plan presented by President Mugabe in August.

Economic commentators, however, say these can only be achieved if government ministers and officials speak with one voice on major economic issues and avoid unnecessary bickering.

A deliberate disregard of social cohesion and unity of purpose is a sure way for any government to embarrass itself, is the message coming from economic analysts.

The recent discord on the re-engagement between Harare and its creditors has been condemned by many economic commentators who have described the development as both unfortunate and unwarranted.

“Government cannot afford policy clashes and inconsistencies especially at a time the local economy badly needs fresh capital,” an economic commentator, Luxon Zembe said.

Another economic analyst, Washington Mehlomakulu said there is need to rally behind the noble initiative being pursued by treasury and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to engage lending institutions given the immense benefits to be accrued from such a stance.

For many observers, the country should avoid pursuing narrow interests.

“The government should speak with one voice on key economic issues as part of the confidence building measures if the 10 point plan presented by the President is to succeed,” said Gift Mugano, another economic analyst.

Most experts agree that going forward there should not be any room for hiccups as further policy inconsistencies will derail the country’s awakening giant narrative.