Zim Opposition Parties Slam Malema Over Mugabe Praise

Zimbabwe opposition parties have torn into South Africa’s opposition EFF leader, Julius Malema for praising President Robert Mugabe, saying he has taken leave of his senses.

Malema this week said Mugabe is not to blame for the problems in Zimbabwe and that he and other African leaders, with the exception of South Africa should rule for as long as they like.

Obert Gutu, MDC spokesperson, laid into Malema branding him a man of unsound mind.

“Julius Malema must have taken leave of his senses. Whatever he is smoking is certainly playing havoc with his mental faculties. For anyone to suggest that Robert Mugabe is not to blame for the problems in Zimbabwe, that person would be clearly of unsound mind,” he said.

“We are not surprised though because Julius Malema has for many years been Zanu PF’s attack dog. Isn’t that a few years ago he was given a few ‘mombes’ (cattle) by Zanu PF after paying them a visit? Well, Juju is merely singing for his supper especially if you take into account the very strong rumours that his political formation has been getting substantial financial support from some very powerful people within the Zanu PF political establishment,” added Gutu.

Kurauone Chihwayi, secretary for international relations for the Welshman Ncube led MDC described Malema’s remarks as sickening.

“His statements are sickening as they betray either a serious lack of understanding on the Zimbabwean situation or a deep hatred for the people of Zimbabwe,” said Chihwayi.

“It baffles the mind why he would absolve President Robert Mugabe of all blame of Zimbabwe’s problems when he and his Zanu PF party have presided over the suffering of Zimbabweans through the mismanagement of the economy, corruption, violence and genocide over the past 34 years.

“The country has been reduced to a vending economy due to catastrophic unemployment while millions of Zimbabweans have fled the difficult conditions to other countries, South Africa included, under Mugabe’s watch,” he added.


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