Zim Parliament Resumes

The Zimbabwe Electoral commission (ZEC) has ruled out any by-elections any time soon while some prospective candidates to fill the vacant seats have taken the electoral body to court over the delay of holding the by-elections.

Debates in this session are likely centre on the setting up of the Human Rights Commission and electoral reforms after the amendment of the Electoral Act.

Parliamentarians had gone on recess to concentrate on the violence stricken constitution making process. Some sessions in Harare were suspended indefinitely and others declared null and void after violence characterised meetings which left one Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) activist dead.

Prime Minister Tsvangirai last month said he will ensure that all cabinet ministers will attend Question and Answer sessions in parliament. The premier also said he will take time to answer questions from parliamentarians on government business and policy issues.

“I have committed my office to ensuring that the relevant ministers respond timeously, and in full, to all questions received. To facilitate this process, I have insisted that all ministries should utilize the services of their parliament liaison officers to ensure that there is a steady flow of information between the Executive and Legislature,” Tsvangirai said.