Zim Police forcibly Takes Over Glen View House

Mutedza was stoned to death in a scuffle with members of the public over a week ago at Glen View 3 Shopping Centre.

“Scores of armed police officers have taken over the house of an MDC member in Glen View 3, Harare after chasing the family and tenants away last week. The house, Number 1329, 2nd Crescent is owned by Mr Dehwa who is a former councillor for Ward 30,” the MDC said in statement on Tuesday.

“Last week the Dehwa family and tenants were forced to flee the house after the police descended in the suburb and arrested over 25 MDC activists on allegations of murdering a police officer who was killed by unknown revellers at a drinking outlet at Glen View 3 shopping centre. Twenty MDC activists are now in remand prison over the trumped-up murder charge. The police officers have occupied all the rooms at the house and can be seen playing music at full blast and cooking.”

Police is known for being notorious to the extent of fleecing people of their property whenever they effect an arrest.

Farai Maguwu, Director of the Centre for Research and Development had his house taken over by the police who ate his food slept on his bed during his time of incarceration. Several MDC activists have their cases pending at the High Court. They have filed complaints against the police and are seeking to have their property which range from wrist watches, money, wallets to cellphones. The activists most of whom were abducted in 2008 claim that they never got back their property upon their release.