Zim Police Investigates Fliers To Topple Mugabe

Siwela was summoned by the officers from the Law and Order Section at the Bulawayo Central Police Station on Monday morning and only released after 12pm.

The MLF leader said Law and Order officers told him that they were interrogating him because the fliers had an MLF logo and indicated that they will summon him again during the week for further investigations.

In an interview with Radio VOP, Siwela expressed disquiet at the police action, saying he found no reason why he should be interrogated as police confiscated all the MLF fliers in June.

“The Law and Order officers were insisting that I authorised the distribution of the fliers but had no evidence to back their allegation.

“They only said the fliers had an MLF logo and therefore, I knew about them. I insisted on my innocence and told them they are the ones who have the MFL fliers since they confiscated them in June,” Siwela said.
The MLF leader said:“I suspect the police are the ones who were distributing the fliers since they are the ones who have them. I believe they want to arrest us again to silence once and for all the MLF.”

Bulawayo police spokesperson, Inspector Mandlenkosi Moyo said “police were interviewing Siwela in connection with the MLF fliers.

“We want to interview the MLF officials including Siwela. We want to interview them to find out whether they knew anything about the fliers.”

Fliers calling for an uprising against President Mugabe to push for an urgent setting up of a separate Matabeleland state were found on Friday morning at various suburbs in Bulawayo.

The MFL leader was released in July from Khami Maximum remand after spending almost three months on treason charges for calling for a separate Matabeleland state.

Siwela was charged alongside John Gazi and Charles Thomas. They are out on US$2 000 bail each accompanied by stringent reporting conditions.

MLF is leading calls for a separate Matabeleland state saying the province is being sidelined from national development programmes leading to resentment of central government.

MLF – formed last year – says a separate Matabeleland state is necessary to put an end to the marginalisation of the region which lags behind in development.