Zim Police Officer To Seek Evidence Against Maguwu in SA

Maguwu, the director of the Centre for Research and Development (CRD) was arrested last Thursday when he surrendered himself to the police and has since been charged with publishing falsehoods against the State with the intention to cause prejudice to the security or economic interests of the country.

Detective Inspector Dowa, who has been fingered in the torture of several human rights and political activists told Harare Magistrate Don Ndirowei on Wednesday that he intended to secure more information that Maguwu allegedly handed over to Chikane.

“As we speak I was given a go ahead that I proceed to South Africa on Friday by my superiors to meet Chikane and recover some more documents and information that the accused (Maguwu) supplied to the KP monitor,” said Dowa, who gave oral evidence in court supporting the State’s application seeking to place Maguwu on remand.

The State alleged that Maguwu authored several documents containing false information concerning activities at Chiadzwa diamond field and purported human rights abuses committed by the police and soldiers on panners which he passed on to Chikane during his visit to assess diamond mining operations in Zimbabwe last month.

But Maguwu’s defence team led by prominent human rights lawyer Tinoziva Bere opposed the State’s application seeking the placing of their client on remand on the grounds that the State facts did not constitute an offence.

Magistrate Ndirowei will deliver his ruling on Thursday morning.