Zim Premier Is Good Golfer

It is his favorite past time when he is not busy with his politics. Radio VOP saw him playing at a tournament in Gweru last week.

He and his golf partner, Charles Carlson came second in the tournament.

“I played one of my best golf today. My golf has improved very well and I have become very competitive. Me and my partner fell short of one hole to win the tournament otherwise we could have easily beaten everyone, I enjoy golf very much,” said Tsvangirai after the game.

He lists foreign ambassadors, business executives and professional golfers as playing mates at his favorite Royal Harare Sports Club golf course.

His playing partner Charles Carlson described him as a very good golf player who is a joy to play with because he is always joking.

“He is a wonderful golf player, this is the second time I am playing with him, I think he is a very wonderful player, very nice person to play golf with and absolutely fantastic as a person. You wouldn’t
think he is the Prime Minister of the country,” said Carlson.

In between the golf game Tsvangirai took time to ask his playing mates, most of whom were chief executive officers of industrial companies in Gweru how their businesses are doing in the tough
Zimbabwe economic environment.

 “He asked about my company Bata Shoe Company and was very interested to hear about the progress we are making. He is actually a very friendly guy, we joked while we played golf.
We combined very well and had a good partnership, we just enjoyed our golf and he was very fantastic,” said Carlson.