Zim Radio Stations Promote Foreign Music: Shamie

South Africa-based musician Shame “Shamie” Mabvudzi says Zimbabwean artistes are suffering from lack of exposure because the country’s radio stations are placing more emphasis on foreign music.

Mabvudzi, who broke onto the Zimbabwean music scene as part of a duo called Shame & Nathan, told the Daily News that local artistes could  only reach the next level if they were promoted through the local media.

“The Zimbabwean radio stations should not give more attention to foreigners at the expense of local artistes. If we give our own artistes  exposure, the Zimbabwean music industry will grow,” said Mabvudzi.

“In other countries like South Africa, local artistes are given platforms to flourish, no wonder why they do well on their radio stations and on the African continent.”

The former Shame & Nathan singer, who owns a recording studio and a record label in Cape Town collectively called Afrikalcha Entertainment, however, concedes that the standard of most Zimbabwean musicians is still below par.

“In order for Zimbabwean artistes to get more airplay, they have be professional and consistently release quality productions,” he said.

Mabvudzi is currently promoting his new single, Haruwe, which was released last month.

“I am currently promoting my new single while at the same time doing performances in Cape Town. I released it on August 13 and I am working on getting it played on Zimbabwean radio stations,” he said.

“I intend to release a song once every two months but the songs will be preceded by videos. I am receiving airplay in South Africa on jazz programmes on SABC 1 and some regional television stations in Cape Town.”

The Hazvinei singer believes he is reaping the rewards of migrating from urban grooves to jazz.

“I changed from urban grooves to Jazz because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and attract new audiences other the Zimbabweans I had. I now play with a live band and currently am working on a collaboration with a Mozambican artiste called Jaco Maria.

Mabvudzi, who claims to be a distant relative of Mugove hit-maker Leonard Zhakata, went solo in 2003 following the relocation of his musical partner Nathan Chitenga to Germany. In the same year, he released his first solo album Hazvinei which was powered by the title track and the hit Ndamirira Ndaneta. 


Daily News