Zim Rejects Security Sector Reform

In his closing remarks Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa said Zimbabwe will only consider recommendations made in good faith. “On Security Sector Reform, Zimbabwe will not even entertain the recommendation. Reform for who? For what? How dare they recommend that to those who fought against colonialism and all its ugliness, i.e. racism, injustices, discrimination, oppression, torture, exploitation and total dehumanization should go. Where? We will not be complacent and allow the creeping in of neo – colonialism! We know how much they respect and venerate their war veterans including reserving a day in their honour,” said Chinamasa in his address to the Universal Periodic Review session Zimbabwe accepted 81 recommendations and rejected 67 and will, according to Chinamasa, give due consideration to only 31.
Chinamsa said the recommendations were in two clear and distinct categories and these were those from the Western countries and those from Africa, NAM including Russia and China.
“Those from the Western Group are very paternalistic and condescending as they are made in bad faith as if Zimbabwe is a colony. They seek to teach us the so called human rights and values. This, we reject
because Zimbabweans fought for human rights and we dismiss totally those who continue to pontificate and display this holier than thou attitude. They continue to thwart our efforts through various means,
especially the “regime change agenda”. Zimbabwe is better placed to teach them human rights,” he said.
Chinamasa also criticised the International Criminal Court (ICC) describing a kangaroo court meant to punish Africans and Asians only. “Is the West Party to the International Criminal Court? NO! But they want us to be. These countries happen to have some of their citizens who should have long been docked at the International Criminal Court for having committed horrendous crimes against humanity. To us in
Zimbabwe, it is very clear that the ICC was created to drag Africans, East Europeans, Arabs and Asians for prosecution. It is truly a kangaroo court as we now realize,” he said.
Chinamasa also blamed the targeted sanctions for the failure by the government to fully implement the provisions of the Global Political Agreement.

“On the full implementation of the GPA – yes, we are fully committed. What is slowing or retarding the full implementation of the GPA is the illegal sanctions. Secondly, the GPA can also only be fully implementable when the pirate radio stations stop their hate broadcasts over Zimbabwe’s air waves. For the record, there are three major ones based in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the USA.
We say lift the illegal sanctions and stop the piracy in our airwaves,” he said. Zimbabwe’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) was held on 10 October 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.