Zim Rights Group Calls For Mpofu’s Resignation

The CRD said in a statement that the Ministry’s inability to ensure the diamond industry’s compliance with international standards is “prejudicing the government of revenue that could make a difference in the lives of the suffering Zimbabwean people, in particular our loyal and hardworking civil servants,”
“CRD holds the Minister of Mines and Mining Development, as head of the responsible Ministry, accountable for the losses,” the group said, as cited by the news source.

Sources say that last month’s arrests in India were just another example of the continuous smuggling of rough out of Marange that is reportedly taking place. 
In September 2010 a consignment of 4,000 carats of rough diamonds was reportedly seized by the United Arab Emirates and returned to Zimbabwe. Other parcels suspected to have originated from Marange were also seized in Israel and Belgium last year.

“The large quantities of diamonds intercepted suggest that this could be the work of a well coordinated syndicate involving well placed people with tremendous power in the mining companies and in government,” the CRD said, before accusing the government of “shocking levels of incompetency and/or corruption,” writes the news source.
The CRD has appealed to Parliament to conduct a thorough investigation into the continued smuggling from Marange and has demanded that Mpofu take full responsibility for the failures to bring Zimbabwe in line with international trade standards.Meanwhile, the Kimberley Process is said to be in the process of finalizing an agreement that will allow Zimbabwe to export Marange rough with certification.