Zim Should Release Genocide Fugitives – Survivors

“I don’t know the reason why, these countries are not arresting them?Jean Baptist Sakindi, whose family was wiped out during the genocide told The Sunday Times in Kigali.

“They have been indicted by the Genocide Fugitives Tracking Unit (GFTU) but still move freely in Western and some African countries,” Sakindi said.

John Bosco Siboyintore, the head of GFTU in National Public Prosecution Authority (NPPA), said delayed justice was justice denied. It had taken 18 years to bring the fugitives to justice.

Other countries believed to be harbouring the fugitives include the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Congo Brazzaville, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Zimbabwe is accused of harbouring one of the most wanted fugitives, Potrais Mupiranya, a former commander of the presidential guard during the genocide.

Justice Hassan Jallow, prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), wrote to the UN Security Council last year saying there were difficulties in apprehending Mpiranya.

Zimbabwean police last year denied the presence of the genocide fugitive in the country.

Mpiranya is accused of crimes against humanity, war crimes and conspiracy to commit genocide, genocide or alternatively complicity in genocide which he committed in his capacity as commander of the elite force.