Zim Soccer Clubs Object To New Gate Charges

The league has resolved to reduce the gate charges from US$3 to US$2 which Chief Executive Officer Kennedy Ndebele says is a management decision aimed at bringing the soccer fans back to stadiums.

However, a number of clubs believe the US$2 is still far beyond the reach of the ordinary soccer fan and want the charge reduced even further to a dollar.

Gunners’ owner Cuthbert Chitima said his club was going to defy the PSL order and will charge a dollar at their new home ground of Portland Stadium.

Chitima said the PSL should take a leaf from the match between CAPS United and Dynamos that was played on Sunday that drew a large crowd because of the modest one dollar gate fee.

Motor Action whose application to reduce gate charges was turned down last season, said they are this year, going to charge a dollar irrespective of what their management committee’s decision is.

Club owner Eric Rosen said it was the clubs who were suffering as a result of the high gate charges adding that the clubs have to find a solution of their own before they collapse.

Joel Serengedo of Shooting Stars concurred with Rosen saying it did not make any sense to charge a fee that was not affordable to the same man they wanted to attract. Serengedo added that even when playing top teams like Dynamos, Highlanders and CAPS United his team was still going to charge a dollar.

Premier Soccer League clubs have suffered a serious decline in crowd attendances.

The PSL, however, is desperate to have the soccer fans back to the stadiums in order to appease the new sponsor they have found in the form of Delta Beverages who have poured in US$2 million over the next three years.