Zim Soccer Needs Divine Intervention – Phiri

Phiri said there were too many problems currently bedevilling the PSL, which he leads.

“We must all know and remember that we belong to God,” Phiri said, at a dinner to celebrate Zaoga’s US35 000 prize to Dynamos. “I ,therefore, kindly ask the pastor to pray for our local soccer which is having some few problems right now.”

Phiri is also the Chairman at CAPS United Football Club (CAPS).

“We must not forget about God and go to church every Sunday,” the pastor said. “We must also go to church before going to watch soccer. We (ZAOGA) will continue supporting local soccer because we want people to attend church too.”

There was a special prayer for the local soccer league after Twine Phiri’s request.

Offfials from Dynamos, Gunners, CAPS United and Highlanders Football Clubs attended the dinner held in Harare to honour Dynamos

Phiri also told Highlanders Football Club “Bosso”, not behave like cry babies when they lose but must, instead, accept defeat.

“Football, which is called soccer in other countries, has three results,” he said. “Either you win, lose or you draw in any match and Bosso must learn to accept the result from matches played against others.”

The four teams that participated were Highlanders (Runners-up), Dynamos (Winners), Gunners and CAPS United.

“You must not behave like cry babies and you must accept defeat,” said Phiri.

Dynamos chairman, Gilbert Munetsi described the US$35 000 cash prize as a “divine intervention”.

“This money comes at a time when I was becoming extremely unpopular and the players were threatening to even beat me up,” said Munetsi.

Munetsi said the cash would be used for players salaries as well as “any other debts that the club currently has”.

He revealed that the club’s debt was still very high but that it was being “looked into by management”.

Dynamos players strikers, Evans Gwekwerere and Ashley Rambanapasi received US$150 each for scoring two goals apiece emerging top goal scorers, while goalkeeper, Washington Arubi, received US$300 for being the Best player of the Tournament.