Zim Soldiers Beat Up Plumtree Residents In Revenge

This comes just a week after a group of soldiers also went berserk in Jerera Growth point in Zaka in Masvingo Province beating up civilians.

Chaos erupted in Plumtree town centre after a junior army officer based at 3 Brigade barracks located just outside the border town and one resident got involved in a fist fight over a woman at a night club.

“The junior army officer was beaten up thoroughly and started bleeding profusely. After gaining conscious he rushed to the army barracks and brought seven of his colleagues who started beating everyone on site including those drinking beer in night clubs,” said one of town resident. “There were shouting “musoja haarohwi” (soldiers don’t get beaten).

Contacted for comment Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Matebeleland region spokesperson Evance Mapanzure said “we are yet to receive a report on this, but the culprits will be punished”.

Two years ago soldiers from the same Matebeleland Province went on rampage beating up villagers after a similar incident happened.

The soldiers who were based at Bomb Range Training Camp in Esigodini caused terror at Ntabende Shopping Centre in revenge breaking into shops, looting goods worth thousands US dollars before severely assaulting villagers.