Zim Soldiers Continue Violence In Masvingo

Retired col Bester Magwizi accused two former ZIPRA and ZNA soldiers, captain Solomon Ndlovu and col Tshudina Moyo for leading a terror campaign against MDC supporters in the Maranda area of Mwenezi.

Zipra is a former military wing of the old Zapu which fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe.

“We were in Mwenezi recently on our community healing programme and campaign towards a non violent election. We were really shocked to learn that some of our former colleagues during the liberation struggle are being used by Zanu (PF) to intimidate, murder and torture defenseless civilians,” Magwizi told Radio VOP.

Magwizi cited the MDC‘s organising secretary in the area, one Hove whom he said was severely tortured and left for dead by captain Ndlovu.

“I confronted these soldiers about their nefarious activities in the area because I am really disappointed since I am the one who recruited these people in the liberation struggle while I was the Southern Front 3 commander in ZIPRA. When I confronted them about what they are doing, they said they were taking orders from Col Exvia Hungwe. After that I got in touch with Hungwe and he told me not to interfere with the business of his boys,” said Magwizi.

Magwizi vowed that the trust will continue with its community healing programme as well as exposing war veterans who are terrorising civilians on behalf of Zanu (PF).

“We fought to free this country from all forms of oppression. What our colleagues are doing is against what the sons and daughters of Zimbabwe died for.”

Radio VOP was not able to obtain a comment from the accused ZNA top officials on the alleged cases of violence although the Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has repeatedly denied the soldiers’involvement in politics.

The ZIPRA national healing programme is aimed at forcing perpetrators of violence to confess and apologise to the community for engaging in violent activities.

The programme has so far been conducted in some parts of Midlands, Harare, Matabeleland North and South.