Zim Soldiers Run Amok in Zaka

Eye witnesses said they were shocked to see unformed soldiers beating civilians for no reason.

“Look we are not in a war, why do they just descend on us and start beating us. Even if we go to war, we think our soldiers should be seen protecting us, they are paid to give us peace of mind not this kind of torture,” said an eye witness.

The incident follows a similar one in Gutu just before last Christmas when several people were injured when
soldiers ran amok in Gutu beating up revellers in pubs and taking away their beer.

Masvingo’s 4 brigade spokesperson Kingstone Chivave said: “You must inform us not writing about these reports. What do you gain by tarnishing our image? This is one of the minor bad things that anyone from any profession can do.”

Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Matake said: “We cannot say anything now as we are gathering information. I heard about 11 people who claimed to be soldiers were arrested.”