Zim Teachers' Right To Legal Representation Violated

“This is a clear violation of the section. In a recent case, Wilbert Muringani, a graduate of the PTUZ Paralegal Training Project was barred access into an office where a PTUZ member Sister Catherine Munekani was appearing to answer misconduct charges before a Disciplinary Committee in Gweru, Midlands Province,” noted a statement posted on the website.

This was despite the fact that the letter notifying Sister Munekani of the convening of the disciplinary hearing advised her of her right to be represented by a registered legal practitioner or a Union official. The hearing was chaired by the Provincial Education Director, Agnes Gudo.

In a related development, Enock Paradzayi, another PTUZ paralegal was told by Danny Moyo, the Provincial Education Director for Bulawayo Province and Chairperson of the Disciplinary Committee hearing the misconduct charges preferred against PTUZ members, Kudzai Makumbe and that he could only be present but was not supposed to say anything during the hearing. The letter inviting the two Bulawayo teachers for the disciplinary hearing also spelt out that the teachers could bring a lawyer or a trade union representative who were not allowed to speak.