Zim Theatre Group Quizzed Over Play

Skumbuzo Sibanda and Nicholas Zilala were quizzed by officers from the Police Internal Security Unit (PISU) over the play held at a church in Chikangwe suburb here. Members of the public had been invited to give their views on the controversial play.

A source told Radio VOP that the theatre group needed a few selected members of the public to give their input to the play which is about asking citizens to participate in the referendum scheduled for next year. According to the source, the police said they should also have been invited. The same source said the play was not yet for public consumption because some scenes still needed to be refined.

The police were believed to have demanded T-Shirts that were later distributed by Savannah Trust who were part of the group invited to witness the play.

The draconian Public Order and Security Act (POSA) require police to be informed of any public gatherings.

The theatre group recently performed during Protest Arts International Festival (Paif) with a play titled My Daughter which is about a girl child being used as payment for avenging spirits -ngozi.

The play is set up in a politically volatile rural area where youths from a political party murder someone after he refused to attend a night vigil. The deceased later haunts the family of the murderer.

The play exposes the aftermath of political violence that has gripped the nation since 2000.