Zim To Reconsider Taking SA Offer Of Passport Machine

She told women who are members of a funeral association she helped set up here at the weekend that the decision to refuse the SA offer was “ill advised”.

The Zimbabwe government had late last year been offered by South Africa a machine that prints about 7000 passports a day. The Registrar- General’s office is said to produce only 500 passports per week.

“The decision to reject the South African offer of a machine that has capacity to produce 7 000 passports a day was ill advised. I admit that the advise we got from our advisors was not useful at all,” Makone said.

“We are going to sit again with Minister Mohadi (Kembo) and accept the offer. We will then
take it to Cabinet to explain to them that we had got wrong advise to reject the South African offer,” she said.

“The security reason we gave does not hold water because it is not the South African that are going to do the printing but its us. South Africa said they will offer us the machine and the room to operate from , they even suggested that we could change the room keys and put our own security which shows that we can not still keep on arguing that they will know our security features to our passports or how we print them. We need to take the offer because there is no security threat and also seeing that we are not able to offer our citizens travelling documents timeously, other nations including South Africa where many Zimbabweans migrate to without documents will see us as unreasonable people, people who cannot use their brains rationally,“ she added.

Makone said if there was anyone who was going to oppose the decision to accept the passport producing machine that SouthAfrica has offered then it will be because of ” political motives.”